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An Introduction to Using Microsoft Planner

by Powernet - Oct 21, 2021

Microsoft Planner might be one of Microsoft 365’s most valuable apps for businesses. It’s designed to make collaboration a lot easier, and helps track progress on all projects, even when you’re working with a large team.


Of course, like all software, you need to learn how to use Microsoft Planner before you can use it to improve your team’s efficiency.


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Advantages of IT Support for Your Business in Lockdown

by Powernet - Oct 18, 2021

Lockdown has been a learning experience for many businesses as work has shifted online. In this setting, it is all too simple for something to go wrong. This issue is where IT support services come into play. There are many advantages to using IT support for your business during lockdown.


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The Best Add-On Apps for Microsoft Teams

by Powernet - Oct 11, 2021

Microsoft Teams has quickly become the workplace standard for communication and collaboration. There are a number of plugins available to make your Teams experience faster and more entertaining. 


Here are the top 6 plugins for Microsoft Teams in 2021:


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Celebrating Equal Pay Day

by Powernet - Oct 6, 2021

The 18th of September 2021 was #EqualPayDay. This year's theme is #WhatsYourPayGap. We joined the fight to close the #GenderPayGap and have some exciting news to share today. 

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Top 5 Plugins for Google Chrome in 2021

by Powernet - Oct 6, 2021

Google Chrome is still one of the most popular web browsers out there, but it isn’t perfect. Using the right plugins adds a lot of functionality and can make Chrome a lot more efficient. Not to mention that some of these plugins can help Chrome be less of a resource hog, faster, and safer.


Here are the top 5 plugins for Google Chrome in 2021:


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Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams, Word, and Excel

by Powernet - Sep 28, 2021

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the most underutilised tools in a lot of software. Shortcuts can help to save time while you’re working, make finding specific tools easier and faster, and can even help you perform some of the basic functions at work more automatically.


Here is what you need to know about keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams, Word, and Excel.


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How to Setup Technology for a Remote Team

by Powernet - Sep 20, 2021

With more and more work going remote in both the short and long term, it's more important than ever to know how to set up technology for a remote team. Here's what you need to know to help anticipate the needs of your team and get started.

This isn't a step-by-step how-to for any specific program. Instead, consider this how-to a quick summation of what you need to do to build technology for a successful remote team.


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Cybersecurity Breaches in Australia in 2021

by Powernet - Sep 13, 2021

Cybersecurity is becoming more of a security concern all around the world. Unfortunately, Australia is dealing with one of the bigger increases in cybercrime, and businesses in Australia are increasingly likely to be the target of cyber-attacks.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has identified 2020 as a turning point in cybersecurity concerns in Australia.


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10 Ways to Boost Microsoft Teams Productivity

by Powernet - Sep 7, 2021

Using Microsoft Teams for business can be a fantastic way to improve productivity at work. The problem is that many teams struggle to learn how to best utilise the software, or don't know what tools are available when they need them.


Here are 10 ways to help you use Microsoft Teams to boost productivity and help your team collaborate more effectively.


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The Secrets to Great IT Support

by Powernet - Aug 31, 2021

It's no secret how essential IT support is to the smooth running of a business. From start-ups to mature businesses,  there is always a need for active IT support in a business. 


For the effective and smooth running of business operations, IT support teams focus on securing business information and providing business cybersecurity and business email security, preventing potential threats and keeping your team cyber safe. 


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