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How to Protect Your Customers Personal Data from Hackers

by Powernet - Mar 7, 2022

The online world has opened up a world of possibilities for businesses everywhere, both small and large. Unfortunately, this also permits hackers to target companies that do not take proper security measures.


Read on to learn more about how you can take action to defend your customer’s data from hackers that threaten your system. Your customers are the most vital piece of your company and protecting their data from hackers should be a top priority.


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Understanding the Cost of IT System Failure to Your Business

by Powernet - Feb 28, 2022

When it comes to essential IT systems, businesses large and small are willing to make significant investments in their infrastructure. This only makes sense. In today’s automated world, a company with the latest and greatest IT system has a competitive edge.


Unfortunately, these investments don’t always pay off as expected. Despite your best efforts, at some point, you’ll experience issues with your software, hardware, or a combination of the two, and every minute of downtime costs your business money. How can we quantify these losses, and how can they be mitigated? Let’s take a closer look.

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How to Use Your Phone as a Mobile WiFi HotSpot (iOS and Android)

by Powernet - Feb 20, 2022

It’s a situation you’ve probably found yourself in once or twice if you’re a remote worker or just someone who takes their laptop with them routinely for mobile computing, and it’s the lack of a trusted WiFi network or sometimes the lack of a WiFi network altogether. Since one of the main aversions to using publicly available WiFi is the lack of robust security, most public hotspots are out.


But if you have a smartphone, there is always the possibility of using that connection as the basis for your WiFi. This is known as “tethering”, and while there can be additional data charges depending on your phone plan, it is still one of the best and easiest ways to get a WiFi connection on the go.

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10 Benefits of Using a Managed IT Service Provider For Your Business

by Powernet - Feb 15, 2022

Whether you’re a long-term IT professional, or whether your experience lies on the business side, there are a number of reasons to consider using a managed IT service provider. A managed IT service is a company that focuses entirely on IT, and provides those services to other companies. When you hire one, you’re essentially hiring an entire IT department to take care of your business’ needs.


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How to Share Calendars in Outlook

by Powernet - Feb 13, 2022

Did you know that you can share your calendar with other people in your business? If you use Outlook it's easy. 


In this guide, we'll show you how.

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The New Technology Trends That Came out of 2021

by Powernet - Feb 10, 2022

This past year was certainly a wild ride in the technology sector, and things are only evolving more rapidly. There are some estimates that in the next year we’ll have more advancements than in the last decade or two of technology. Some of these technology trends and advancements will no doubt dominate the tech landscape for years to come.


To be ready for these trends, you will need to identify them and pivot to leverage them effectively. Businesses and individuals that are ready to make the most of these technology trends are the ones who will reap the biggest benefits from them. Let’s take a look at the best trends that came out of the previous year, and are ramping up to truly change technology.

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Sophos Endpoint Protection - How to Run a Virus Scan

by Powernet - Feb 6, 2022

Sophos Endpoint Protection is a security application that provides several layers of protection for your computer, against today's cybersecurity threats. 

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Biggest Australian Cyber Attacks in 2021

by Powernet - Jan 31, 2022

No matter what your line of work is, chances are some if not all of your business is online. This means you’re exposed to the risk of a data breach. Here are some of the biggest Australian cyberattacks of 2021.


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How to Run Windows Updates

by Powernet - Jan 30, 2022

Microsoft releases patches all the time for Windows. Patches can include things like security fixes, feature updates or optimisation enhancements. It's important to stay on top of your updates to ensure your computer is running at its best and remains secure.

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How Managed IT Support Services Can Boost Your Business Efficiency

by Powernet - Jan 25, 2022

Managed IT support services are an addition that many enjoy on their company. Managed support services take the stress off of a business and make the load lighter for those in charge. This form of IT support can even boost the efficiency of your company in the way it operates, a bonus for any business owner.


Read on to learn more about how managed IT support services can improve the efficiency of your business. They can be very beneficial, and you should consider the use of managed IT support services for your company. Efficiency is critical to the success of a business in operation.


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