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Best Office 365 Plan For your Organisation

Office 365 plans can be useful to any company, particularly in this day and age where so much work exists online. If you are thinking of investing in a plan, it can be overwhelming to select from the options available. Which one is best for your business?


Read on to learn more about the business-based office 365 plans available to you. All of them differ in price and services offered, so it is up to you to decide which will work best for your organisation. Having a solid foundational knowledge of the plans up for grabs will permit you to make the best choice you can.



Available Plans


Two plans work best for businesses available on Microsoft 365. These cost different amounts and boast varying features. It can be tricky to distinguish which one is right for you without a deep understanding of what each one provides.


Keep reading to learn more about the office 365 plans available for use for your business. Once you understand each of the services better, you can select the one that fits your company best. Microsoft office 365 support can make all the difference for your business and allow communication and functionality on a new level.


Microsoft 365 for Business


Microsoft 365 for business is a branch of Microsoft office 365 support that has been around for a while. There are many programs on this platform. It comes in three tiers, each with different pricing and features depending on how much you spend.


Microsoft office 365 for business is the standard for many companies. Read on to learn more about each of the plans you can invest in and what they will give to your company. There are many options to choose from, and several price points to consider. Big companies and small companies may benefit from differing investments.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic 

The basic plan is the lowest tier for you and your business. The basic plan costs five dollars a month per user and allows an auto-subscription feature that automatically renews the payment process. The basic plan is a solid starting point for those seeking Microsoft office 365 support.


The features offered with the basic plan include:


- Web and mobile versions
- Email and calendaring
- File storage and sharing
- Limited team communication
- Security and support
- Some management tools


All of these features are offered with the basic plan.


The basic plan is great if you just want access to the standard features of office 365. With an office 365 managed service, all you need to do is pay and you can have access to the cloud for very little.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard 

The standard plan is another step up from the basic option. The office 365 installation process is just as simple. You can access an IT support provider to help you implement the support throughout your company. It costs about twelve dollars a month.


The standard plan offers all of the services the basic plan does, plus:


- All teamwork and communication features
- All tools to manage your business
- Desktop versions of the office apps


The standard plan is the one that most businesses utilize.


With Microsoft office 365 support, you can help your company soar to new heights. The standard plan is relatively inexpensive and a great deal for all that it offers. Invest in this one if you want extended communication abilities and tools that will help you keep everything in line.

Business Premium 

The business plan is the most expensive of the three tiers available in the business plan. It costs about twenty dollars a month, which is unaffordable for many. However, larger companies may find the most benefit from this Microsoft office 365 support.


The business plan includes everything that the basic and standard plans do. However, this one also has:


- Advanced security features
- Device management


These are two vital features that large companies may find vital.


The business plan can get rather pricey, so it is vital to compare it against the other two to see if these additional features are worth the extra money. If you think your company could benefit from the Microsoft office 365 support, you should invest in help for the office 365 installation.


Microsoft 365 Enterprise


Microsoft Enterprise is the more advanced form of office 365 for business, with the priciest plan (E5) coming in at $78.30 per user per month. This plan offers even more features that permit better collaboration and storage than the business plans.


The features offered on the most expensive plan include:


- Work management
- Advanced analytics
- App management
- Information protection


These are just a few of the items Enterprise can give to a company.


If you run a large company with a high income, Enterprise is a good choice for you. This cloud support service is the most secure and advanced office 365 software option available for your company.


In addition, there is the Enterprise E3 license which is $46.40 per user per month.


Which is The Best Fit for Your Business?


Now that you further understand the plans you can select from, you can consider your options. What matters most to you? Features your company can use, or the money you will have to pay? These are vital to consider when selecting the Microsoft office 365 plan you will implement.

Office 365 support is a great thing for any company to have. Cloud support is worth the investment and the installation process. You will find that it has way more benefits than it does disadvantages.




Office 365 is an excellent service that offers many options for organizations. It has many quality features that you can implement directly into the structure of your company. There are many different plans available so you can select one that works best for you, no matter your budget or needs.

Once you’ve found the plan that works for you, it is time to add the software to your business.
Our office 365 support in Melbourne or office 365 support in Brisbane can help you with the Office 365 installation process for your company. An office 365 managed service can make everything easier.


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