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Have you got the right IT support?

IT is the quiet department behind the scenes that is at the core of every business. When done right technology powers your business unnoticed, when done wrong it can cause irreversible damage.

Having good IT support in place is vital for helping you navigate the rapidly-growing sea of technology, finding what is right for your business and then supporting that technology.


There are a few options to consider when making a decision around IT support. Either you hire an in-house IT team, you outsource to a Managed Service Provider or you take a hybrid approach. Each of these options has their benefits, and it can be a difficult decision to make.


Setting up an internal IT team can be a daunting, and expensive task. You need to have knowledge of what specific IT skills to look for on a CV and how to ask the right technical questions. You will need to know what sort of IT professional/s you require, and what the industry standard qualifications are for each one. A Business Analyst, for example, has a very different set of skills and qualifications than an IT Support Technician. As does an IT Manager to a Project Manager. 


Additionally, you will need to make sure the IT support you hire has the skills and experience that match the technology you have in place and has the knowledge to decide what technology you will need.


Using a Managed Service Provider for your IT support gives you a deep pool of experience, knowledge and resources to draw from immediately. A huge benefit is that you will spend less, and get more with one IT support contract, than you would on individual salaries with an internal IT team.


Managed Service Providers establish themselves with large technical teams comprising of a variety of technical and management skills to ensure the right skill set is available for every IT support client. You will find IT Project Management, Microsoft, Cloud, Software, Cisco, HP, Windows, Apple experts (among others) all under the one roof and you will get access to all of this knowledge with just one IT support contract.


There are a few key factors to look for when selecting an IT support provider:


A clear method of identifying business priorities and expectations 

Every business is different and requires a different level of IT support. For one client printing might not be a priority but for another printing might be at the core of their business' success. It is so important that the IT support you choose has a clear method for understanding what your unique IT support requirements are.


Clear Communication

Every industry has their own technical terms and acronyms and IT happens to have a lot more than most. Your IT support provider should know that they are there to support people with all levels of IT knowledge, and not to bog you down with technical jargon. Additionally, setting clear expectations through effective communication is a vital for every business professional, especially when managing an IT issue for you.


Service Level Agreements and Responsiveness

You will want to make sure that the response level of your IT support is at the level you need it to be. You can protect and keep IT accountable by having a contract in place with mutually agreed Service Level Agreements.


Account Management and Commitment to Relationships

Having a relationship manager looking after your account is what ties it all together. They will provide you with strategic IT Management advice and will lead your IT support team. Ask your Managed Service Provider what their Account Management framework looks like and what level of commitment you will see from them.



How Can Powernet Help?

Powernet has over 26 years of experience as a Managed Service Provider, providing IT support to companies from many different industries. We love diversity and are proud to have employees from various walks of life who support our diverse range of clients.


There are many other factors to consider when selecting the right IT support, let us help you! Give us a call or send us an email, we’d love to help.

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