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How to Use Shortcuts on iOS

by Powernet - May 16, 2022

We live in a world of maximising efficiency and this drive towards quicker and more effective use of technology, whether for business or pleasure, means any reduction in the time or effort needed to accomplish a task is always a win. That’s why shortcuts have become so popular on iOS.


There are several ways that you can set up and use shortcuts on iOS. You can quickly knock out everyday tasks, or automate apps you use every day, with a tap or a simple Siri request. Not only does Apple provide an easy yet powerful way to do this by creating your shortcuts, but they also give you a library of predefined shortcut actions.

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iOS Keyboard Features You May Not Know About

by Powernet - Apr 24, 2022

Apple continues to come out with more and more features and expanded functionality on all of their devices, and while some generate their own news stories, some features roll out to a little less publicity.


These quieter improvements are often lost in the sea of features and functions that iOS has, and some of the best ones have to do with something that every iOS user needs and uses constantly: the keyboard.


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Microsoft Office - Features You Didn't Know About

by Powernet - Apr 19, 2022

You’re probably familiar with Microsoft 365, which is the hybrid cloud version of Microsoft Office, and how powerful of a software suite it is. Some of the best things about it are that not only do you have the ability to have your work visible locally and remotely, but you also get countless features as long as you’re a subscriber.


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Parental Controls on iOS - What Are They and How to Use Them

by Powernet - Apr 11, 2022

Technology is everywhere these days and the most common place to find it is in the palm of your kid’s hand, in the form of an iPhone or iPad. If you have at least one Apple device in your home or within your child’s reach, you also have some powerful tools at your disposal for making sure that you can help keep them safe while online and limit their access to explicit or costly content. Here are the best parental controls on iOS, as well as how to use them.


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Social Media Name Games - This is Why They're a Security Risk

by Powernet - Mar 28, 2022

Thieves and criminals are everywhere these days, from old-fashioned pickpocketing to more recent crime evolutions like phishing and identity theft. The latter is not only a threat to everyone but is also a constant, ongoing risk. If you aren’t careful with key pieces of personal information, you could find yourself the victim of a range of fraudulent activity, with potentially thousands of dollars in debt or worse.


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An Introduction to Using Microsoft Planner

by Powernet - Oct 21, 2021

Microsoft Planner might be one of Microsoft 365’s most valuable apps for businesses. It’s designed to make collaboration a lot easier, and helps track progress on all projects, even when you’re working with a large team.


Of course, like all software, you need to learn how to use Microsoft Planner before you can use it to improve your team’s efficiency.


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Microsoft 365 for Business - How To Do It Right

by Powernet - Aug 23, 2021

Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365), is the complete suite for all Microsoft products, which was released by Microsoft originally in 2011.


Today, over a million companies worldwide use the software. Microsoft 365 is an all-encompassing package that allows people to access Windows 10, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security Packages.


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How to Successfully Roll Out Microsoft Teams

by Powernet - Aug 9, 2021

Rolling out Microsoft Teams is just as technical as it is administrative. While the technical rollout can be easy, especially in a business where the admin has central control and can execute a technical overhaul, the administrative part can become difficult.


When a business decides to implement Microsoft Teams, you would think switching the workflow, and organising training sessions for employees are all it takes. The reality is quite different, and instead of a productivity boost, a poorly executed Microsoft Teams rollout may result in an unacceptable ROI. Read on for our tips to successfully roll out Microsoft Teams. 


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5 Tech Tips From Our Expert Techs

by Powernet - Jul 27, 2021

Technology changes so quickly, everyday apps are being updated and gaining new features. Here are some tech tips from our IT Support Team and new features to help you get the most out of your technology.


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Fixing Printer Problems, Tips from Our Techs on Getting Your Printer Working

by Powernet - Jul 19, 2021

There can be nothing more frustrating than a printer not working when you have 5 minutes until your next meeting starts and the printer just won't print your agenda. 

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