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Microsoft 365 for Business - How To Do It Right

by Powernet - Aug 23, 2021

Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365), is the complete suite for all Microsoft products, which was released by Microsoft originally in 2011.


Today, over a million companies worldwide use the software. Microsoft 365 is an all-encompassing package that allows people to access Windows 10, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security Packages.


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Incident Response Planning 101 + [Free Template]

by Powernet - Mar 2, 2021

Imagine tomorrow, you walk into your office and turn on your computer only to find that you can't access anything. Your email is blocked, your files are blocked and you shortly realise that your business has been the victim of a cyberattack. What is the first course of action you take?


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5 Steps to Create an Outstanding IT Strategy + [Free Template]

by Powernet - Feb 16, 2021

An annual IT strategy helps you to set your technology on the right course, and make your company goals a reality by aligning the two.  


Business IT exists to support your business growth, it should be quietly ticking along in the background helping your team achieve success. Without an IT strategy, it's easy for your technology suite to become messy, complicated and create more problems than it solves. 


Having a good IT strategy mapped out will help you and your team stay on course, building the right technology stack that will complement and align with your business goals. 


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How To Set Up a Mobile Office

by Powernet - May 7, 2019

In today’s modern world there is a lot more to think about when planning how to set up a mobile office than just having a laptop, mobile phone and being able to “VPN in”. As we enter an age of mobility, it is important to have a strong grasp on what is required to be able to work on the road while maintaining productivity, security and reliability.

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Why Employee Retention Is Essential To Your Business

by Powernet - May 7, 2019

Good employees are the most prominent asset an organisation can have, more important than any document, hardware or piece of software. Employees are who keep your customers and who help deliver a beneficial service. So how do you go about holding on to your best talent and, can technology play a part?

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5 Workplace Productivity Tools That Your Employees Will Thank You For

by Powernet - May 7, 2019

I find working at Evolve IT Australia both interesting and enjoyable. In the vast universe of technology, we find ourselves in the middle of combining our efforts with time-saving tools that allow us to be more efficient in satisfying our clients’ needs.

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Simplifying Your Complex IT For Improved Employee Experience

by Powernet - Apr 30, 2019

Businesses are constantly competing for an advantage over one another and technology is one of the foremost ways to ensure you have leverage over your competitors. Multiple systems are implemented to improve our lives, but with so many products and services available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of technology at your disposal and also what is applicable for what scenarios.

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8 Microsoft Teams tips and tricks

by Powernet - Apr 15, 2019

Imagine the simplicity of Skype connecting you to anyone, anywhere together with Facebook’s features that brings the farthest friend closer with one tap, all these accessible in one single application. Imagine the convenient Skype and the engaging Facebook working together in perfect harmony with one useful application.


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Five Things Your Non-Profit Should Consider Before A Technology Refresh

by Powernet - Mar 13, 2019

Digital transformation has taken the world by storm, stirring up the way that people run their businesses, whether they are Fortune 500s, start-ups or non-profits. With technology becoming more intuitive and intelligent every day,

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How A Digital Culture Can Boost Your Bottom Line

by Powernet - Mar 13, 2019


If you’re not using technology in your business today, you could well be missing out on a wealth of opportunity. Transforming your business into a modern workplace will not only give it a new lease on life, but it will also help you take full advantage of a myriad tools out there built to help you succeed. 

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