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The Top Five IT Change Management Tips for Non-Profits

by Powernet - Jan 27, 2020

Regular change is inevitable in the ever-evolving environment of ICT. Whether it be upgrades to existing infrastructure, or the introduction of new innovative business solutions, the process will involve change, which will need to be carefully managed with your staff and stakeholders.

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Why Change Management Needs to be a Critical Part of Every Aspect of Your Business

by Powernet - Aug 7, 2018

Beginning any type of technological or digital transformation without a clear-cut plan in place is a bit like getting into a car for a road trip without a map. You may have some idea of where you're going and you probably know exactly what you'll do when you arrive, but you literally don’t have a clue how you're going to get there. 

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How to Deal with Employee Resistance to Technological Change

by Powernet - Jun 13, 2018

Human beings, by and large, are resistant to change. In a lot of ways, we can't help it —  science has revealed that it's literally a part of our evolution. Generally speaking, the brain doesn't like uncertainty because anything uncertain is instinctively perceived as a potential threat. This is certainly true in our personal lives, where even something as seemingly simple as buying a new car can become an overly long and involved process. But it is especially true in our professional lives when you're talking about the technological foundation that is at the heart of any modern day business.

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The Top 4 Digital Transformation Challenges You’re Likely to Face (and How to Best Overcome Them)

by Powernet - Mar 14, 2018

When you’re talking about something as inherently malleable as technology, "challenge" and "adversity" are two things that you can never truly eliminate. The key to success in terms of digital transformation has less to do with trying to totally eliminate all potential problems and is more about knowing how you’re going to react when you do reach these pain points along the journey.


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Executing Effective Change Management: What You Need to Know

by Powernet - Nov 8, 2017

One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to executing effective change management ultimately comes down to the people who matter most of all — your employees. This is particularly true when it comes to technology disruption, as people will need a great reason to adapt to sudden changes that affects their ability to do their jobs each day and not just because someone said so.

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