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What are Cloud Services and Managed IT Services?

by Powernet - Dec 7, 2020

Cloud services and managed IT services are two buzz phrases that are commonly heard through the tech and business worlds. Here's what they mean

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New Must See Microsoft Teams Features

by Powernet - Jun 9, 2020

There are some new features available in the desktop app that we are excited about! Which is your favourite?


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5 Tools That Are Changing the World of Remote Work

by Powernet - Jun 1, 2020

For some businesses, the shift to remote working was one they had not planned to make but had to in order to survive the current state of the world.


Many businesses, ours included, have found countless benefits to the new world of working from home and will continue to offer flexibility post-pandemic lock-down. Empowering your workforce through trust and flexibility can help you keep an edge to attracting, and keeping the right talent for your business!


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6 Reasons Why You Should Move to The Cloud

by Powernet - May 20, 2020

Most businesses today are relying, at least partially on cloud-based services. Whether it’s just your website and social media accounts, or it’s your entire technology suite, the decision to utilise cloud technology is a decision that harnesses a range of benefits. 


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How The Not For Profit Technology Landscape is Changing

by Powernet - Dec 23, 2019

Decreased not for profit sector funding and engagement has brought forth an industry-wide tech revolution. 

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The Top 5 Security Issues SMBs are Facing With Cloud Computing

by Powernet - Oct 7, 2019

Cloud computing has evolved exponentially over the past decade and research indicates that by next year (2020) its global market will exceed US$241 billion – which is more than AU$356 billion. But as cloud computing opportunities have grown, so too have the security issues associated with it.

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4 ways You Can Achieve Successful ROI for Your NFP

by Powernet - Jun 13, 2019

When you operate a not-for-profit, every dollar counts. In order to raise awareness for your cause, attract ongoing support, and generate results for the community, smart financial management is extremely important. For this reason, many NFPs are turning to technology to generate efficiencies and save money in all kinds of areas.

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Why Australian Businesses Are Going Serverless

by Powernet - Mar 6, 2019

More Australian businesses are choosing to go serverless and the numbers are only set to grow as the advantages of this solution continue to rise. What do we mean by “going serverless?” Exactly as it sounds: abdicating from the use of servers, operating systems and typical business infrastructure and relying on a serverless cloud computing services, such as Microsoft 365, to manage those processes in the background.

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Taking Business Communications To The Cloud: Powernet Partners With RingCentral

by Powernet - Dec 17, 2018

Technology is evolving more rapidly than ever before and many businesses are shifting to popular cloud-based systems. These transformative solutions are necessary in order for businesses to keep up with the functionality and reliability needed to succeed in today’s market.

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7 Essential Microsoft 365 Features You Should Be Using For Your Business

by Powernet - Sep 27, 2018

One of the truly great things about Microsoft Office 365 is that it's malleable: it can be whatever you need it to be, whenever you need it to be. With so many different features spread out across a variety of applications, however, it's easy to overlook the most interesting features that may be valuable for  your businesses.

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