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Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Technology: The Differences You Need to Know

by Powernet - Jun 29, 2018

In an era where cloud spending on a global basis is projected to increase to $162 billion per year by as soon as 2020 according to Forbes, it's clear that organisations around the world have begun to embrace the unique opportunity that this technology represents. You've likely even already considered a digital transformation for your business, hoping to use it as an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage into your own industry that will carry you forward into the next decade.

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Is the Time Right to Move Your Business to the Cloud?

by Powernet - May 22, 2018

The concept of hybrid IT is one that has grown incredibly popular over the last few years, particularly with small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. In a hybrid IT environment, an organisation will typically leverage some IT resources on premise but use cloud-based services for everything else. The benefits of this include not only a centralised approach to important factors like IT governance, but also opening up the ability to experiment with the best that cloud computing has to offer.

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The Importance of Cloud Security: Just How Safe is Your Business in the Cloud?

by Powernet - May 7, 2018

According to one recent study, more than 50% of all data that is currently held in Australian cloud-based systems is considered to be sensitive. While this is not necessarily shocking, in a related statistic, the same study also revealed that roughly 90% of Australian executives said that they believed (or knew beyond the shadow of a doubt) that one or more people within their organisations were using cloud-based systems in violation of their existing approved policies.

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How One Transport Business Successfully Drove Into the 21st Century By Way of the Cloud

by Powernet - Mar 21, 2018

Ventura Bus Lines found itself fighting many of the complications that come along with having a mature business status. If they were going to continue to grow at the rate at which they needed, they had to prioritise ways to improve efficiency in their own internal operations. IT was identified as a prime area for not only these efficiencies and optimisations but also in terms of cost savings. However, this was a challenge that they couldn't handle on their own. 

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The 7 Major Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

by Powernet - Nov 28, 2017

Perhaps the biggest reason why some businesses are hesitant to move into the cloud has to do with the level of control that they (think) they're giving up over their IT infrastructure. But even though it's true that you'll be bringing third party vendors into the fold, even this perceived shift of control is far outweighed by the many different benefits that you'll get to enjoy which can’t be matched anywhere else.

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