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Can You Scale Leadership?

by Powernet - Sep 16, 2018

Remember when you were a kid and you sat on your parent’s lap and tried steering the car, usually in the driveway or car park? Maybe not, that could have just been my era. However, you get the picture, it was (relatively) safe because you were moving slowly.

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Value-Based Recruitment at Powernet

by Powernet - Aug 14, 2018

Once you know your core values, you have a narrative accompanying them and perhaps, most importantly, you live by them within your organisation.  This is why recruiting based on value alignment is critical.

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How to Deal with Employee Resistance to Technological Change

by Powernet - Jun 13, 2018

Human beings, by and large, are resistant to change. In a lot of ways, we can't help it —  science has revealed that it's literally a part of our evolution. Generally speaking, the brain doesn't like uncertainty because anything uncertain is instinctively perceived as a potential threat. This is certainly true in our personal lives, where even something as seemingly simple as buying a new car can become an overly long and involved process. But it is especially true in our professional lives when you're talking about the technological foundation that is at the heart of any modern day business.

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Being a Great Place to Work

by Powernet - Jan 17, 2018

As Powernet commences our 24th year of operations, we celebrate reaching this milestone by proudly announcing that Powernet is a Great Place to Work® certified organisation!


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