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File Structures and Company Data - 5 Tips to Manage Your Data

by Powernet - Nov 23, 2020

Adopting a secure and accessible data management solution can protect your business from data theft, misplaced documents and can save employees hours of labor as files are readily accessible. 

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The Top Five IT Change Management Tips for Non-Profits

by Powernet - Jan 27, 2020

Regular change is inevitable in the ever-evolving environment of ICT. Whether it be upgrades to existing infrastructure, or the introduction of new innovative business solutions, the process will involve change, which will need to be carefully managed with your staff and stakeholders.

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How The Not For Profit Technology Landscape is Changing

by Powernet - Dec 23, 2019

Decreased not for profit sector funding and engagement has brought forth an industry-wide tech revolution. 

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Getting You Business Ready For 2020

by Powernet - Dec 9, 2019

The new year presents a landmark time that can represent a fresh beginning.

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