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Boost Your iPhone's Security in 1 Step

by Powernet - Oct 15, 2020

Apple's release of iOS 14 bought about a number of exciting new features, and one that we are particularly excited about.   

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The Best iPhone Apps You Probably Haven't Heard Of

by Powernet - Aug 11, 2020

We've taken a stroll through the iOS app store to find the iOS apps you need but may have missed, here are seven iPhone apps you probably haven't heard of but should check out.

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How to Make Sure You Never Forget Your Mask!

by Powernet - Jul 22, 2020

Juggling a busy schedule has me forgetting everything, so I rely on technology to help me. I live by reminders, alarms and timers on my phone from grocery lists to nap time schedules, don't know where I'd be without Hey Siri!

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