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Outsourcing Your IT Support - Why You Should Consider It

by Powernet - Mar 15, 2022

In today’s ever-changing world, IT support is a must. Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, IT support is an essential component of your daily operations.


To keep up with the latest technological innovations and to maintain your current systems, you need someone who can provide quality IT support. However, not everyone has the time or resources to manage their own IT team.


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How to Build an IT Support Team

by Powernet - Aug 16, 2021

A good IT support team is an essential part of every business. Their role includes providing technical support to businesses, fixing general problems with systems, executing technology rollouts and IT projects.


In addition, they are responsible for ensuring seamless collaboration between teams, training staff on new technology, running tests and checks on a business’s network and business cybersecurity, and general business IT support.


Let's look at different IT support team options and how to develop one that suits your business.


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Into the era of Secure Remote Work [free ebook]

by Powernet - Mar 16, 2021

Something many small and medium-sized businesses have discovered during the rapid shift to remote everything: There’s a lot to be gained by not relying on a physical space. It can save overhead, reduce travel expense and some
studies have found it has increased worker productivity (one found a 13% performance boost among at-home workers).1


As a result, many businesses are seriously considering tools and strategies to make the non-physical
workplace a permanent part of their businesses.


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Incident Response Planning 101 + [Free Template]

by Powernet - Mar 2, 2021

Imagine tomorrow, you walk into your office and turn on your computer only to find that you can't access anything. Your email is blocked, your files are blocked and you shortly realise that your business has been the victim of a cyberattack. What is the first course of action you take?


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Why outsourcing IT is often the best move for Australian SMEs

by Powernet - Feb 24, 2021

When SME CEOs are trying to expand their business quickly, they can't afford to have a 3 month hiring cycle for every needed IT professional. Not only are IT needs bound to be inconsistent and sporadic – making the prospect of a full-time salaried IT team rather wasteful – but the very nature of a young business means it needs to be adaptable and agile enough to scale up or down at a moment’s notice. This is where the benefits of outsourcing IT truly come to light.


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5 Steps to Create an Outstanding IT Strategy + [Free Template]

by Powernet - Feb 16, 2021

An annual IT strategy helps you to set your technology on the right course, and make your company goals a reality by aligning the two.  


Business IT exists to support your business growth, it should be quietly ticking along in the background helping your team achieve success. Without an IT strategy, it's easy for your technology suite to become messy, complicated and create more problems than it solves. 


Having a good IT strategy mapped out will help you and your team stay on course, building the right technology stack that will complement and align with your business goals. 


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Our Guide to Cyber Security [free ebook]

by Powernet - Nov 15, 2020

Today, a large majority of our valuable assets are digital. Bank accounts, personal information, email, photos, just about everything is saved digitally in some form. 

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Assets and Tax, When is it Time to Replace Your Computers?

by Powernet - Nov 4, 2020

Knowing when the right time to replace your computers can be a tricky task, balancing getting the most out of your technology assets vs. ensuring your staff are able to work efficiently. Keeping your computers past their recommended age could be costing your business in staff hours.

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How to Create an IT Budget + Free Template

by Powernet - Aug 19, 2020

Even the most powerful technology platform that money can buy is ultimately still just that — a platform. It's a tool and how you use that tool is all that matters. When leveraged correctly, IT budgets are more than just a roadmap for investment in technology — they're an investment in the future of your organisation that guarantees these assets are properly aligned with your long-term goals.

This is why IT budgets are both so important and, unfortunately, so hard to get right. 

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Simplifying Your Complex IT For Improved Employee Experience

by Powernet - Apr 30, 2019

Businesses are constantly competing for an advantage over one another and technology is one of the foremost ways to ensure you have leverage over your competitors. Multiple systems are implemented to improve our lives, but with so many products and services available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of technology at your disposal and also what is applicable for what scenarios.

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