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10 Ways to Boost Microsoft Teams Productivity

by Powernet - Sep 7, 2021

Using Microsoft Teams for business can be a fantastic way to improve productivity at work. The problem is that many teams struggle to learn how to best utilise the software, or don't know what tools are available when they need them.


Here are 10 ways to help you use Microsoft Teams to boost productivity and help your team collaborate more effectively.


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Microsoft 365 for Business - How To Do It Right

by Powernet - Aug 23, 2021

Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365), is the complete suite for all Microsoft products, which was released by Microsoft originally in 2011.


Today, over a million companies worldwide use the software. Microsoft 365 is an all-encompassing package that allows people to access Windows 10, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security Packages.


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Windows 11 is Coming, Here's What You Need to Know

by Powernet - Jul 13, 2021

Windows 11 is on the way, here is everything you need to know about Microsoft's latest Operating System.

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What is Microsoft Teams?

by Powernet - Jun 28, 2021

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app for businesses, helping your workforce to stay organised, with conversations, meetings, chats and document storage, all in one place. 

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How to Compress a PDF File (for free)

by Powernet - Jun 22, 2021

PDF documents are notorious for being large, particularly if they contain images and objects. Most websites have a size limit, leading to frustration and uncertainty on how to move forward. Read on to learn how you can easily reduce your PDF document size.

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Microsoft 365 Users Are Getting a New Tool - At No Extra Cost

by Powernet - Jun 15, 2021

Diagramming for everyone, Microsoft announced on the 9th of June 2021 that they will be bringing a lightweight, web version of Visio to Microsoft 365.

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Cyber Security - What is Spyware?

by Powernet - Jun 14, 2021

Spyware is a form of malware that is designed to spy on your digital activity. It may be used as a tool to search your computer for existing files, images, passwords, contacts etc. It could also install a keylogger, be taking screenshots or recordings of what you're doing and send the information back to a cybercriminal.

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Cyber Security - What is Social Engineering

by Powernet - Jun 7, 2021

Social Engineering is the act of manipulating someone into taking specific action for the attackers' benefit. 


It's a form of manipulation with the goal of gaining access to or stealing something and often forms part of a phishing campaign. 

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What's New in Microsoft Teams

by Powernet - May 31, 2021

Microsoft has announced new features for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, here's what you need to know about the latest Microsoft Teams updates.


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5 Must Know Microsoft Word Features

by Powernet - May 10, 2021

As an IT Support company that specialises in the Microsoft 365 suite, we love sharing our favourite tips and tricks on how to use Microsoft apps more efficiently and bringing to light some of its hidden features. 


Here are a few of our favourites. 


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