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How Often Should You Reboot Your Computer, Phone, and Tablet

by Powernet - May 22, 2022

Without our devices, most of us would be lost, literally and figuratively. These devices are so central to many aspects of our lives, that without them, most things that we do would have to be done in completely different ways and on totally different timescales.


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How to Use Your Phone as a Mobile WiFi HotSpot (iOS and Android)

by Powernet - Feb 20, 2022

It’s a situation you’ve probably found yourself in once or twice if you’re a remote worker or just someone who takes their laptop with them routinely for mobile computing, and it’s the lack of a trusted WiFi network or sometimes the lack of a WiFi network altogether. Since one of the main aversions to using publicly available WiFi is the lack of robust security, most public hotspots are out.


But if you have a smartphone, there is always the possibility of using that connection as the basis for your WiFi. This is known as “tethering”, and while there can be additional data charges depending on your phone plan, it is still one of the best and easiest ways to get a WiFi connection on the go.

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How to Make Sure You Never Forget Your Mask!

by Powernet - Jul 22, 2020

Juggling a busy schedule has me forgetting everything, so I rely on technology to help me. I live by reminders, alarms and timers on my phone from grocery lists to nap time schedules, don't know where I'd be without Hey Siri!

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