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7 Traits of a Not-for-Profit IT Managed Services Provider

by Powernet - May 10, 2020

The not for profit sector is always evolving, as is the technology that empowers it.


The IT that supports the not for profit sector must keep up with the fast-moving industry changes while maintaining a stable platform and understanding the unique requirements that nfps have.


Managed Services Providers who are providing IT support to the not for profit sector need to do more than just run a help desk, track IT assets and run reports. Let’s talk about some of the key qualities IT support teams need when providing technical support to the not for profit sector.


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How The Not For Profit Technology Landscape is Changing

by Powernet - Dec 23, 2019

Decreased not for profit sector funding and engagement has brought forth an industry-wide tech revolution. 

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Risk Management in Nonprofit Organisations

by Powernet - Dec 16, 2019


The benefits of modern IT are commonly spruiked. Less often discussed. However, are the potential risks. As important as maintaining current infrastructure and adopting modern technology, identifying these risks and planning for a worst-case scenario is the key to risk management in nonprofit organisations.

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The Benefits Of Outsourcing IT for Nonprofits

by Powernet - May 27, 2019

Successfully running a charity, not-for-profit (NFP) or health/community organisation is no easy feat. Budgets are lean, yet you need to run highly effective marketing campaigns, and your sources of funding are ever fluctuating. The last thing you want to worry about is your IT.

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Creating a Strategic ICT Plan for Your NFP Organisation

by Powernet - May 22, 2019

 As the not-for-profit sector becomes increasingly competitive, you need to find ways to do more with the tools and resources you already have. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plays a vital role in enabling you to identify efficiencies, reach potential supporters in the most cost effective way, secure more support, and raise awareness for your cause.


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How NFPs can maximise utility of their Office 365 Nonprofit E1 Plan

by Powernet - May 6, 2019

 Microsoft’s Office 365 Nonprofit E1 Plan is perfect for organisations in the nonprofit, health and community sectors. Office 365 encourages nonprofit members to become digital nomads as staff can work remotely and are still able to collaborate with their team members back in the office.

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