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Taking Business Communications To The Cloud: Powernet Partners With RingCentral

by Powernet - Dec 17, 2018

Technology is evolving more rapidly than ever before and many businesses are shifting to popular cloud-based systems. These transformative solutions are necessary in order for businesses to keep up with the functionality and reliability needed to succeed in today’s market.

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Can You Scale Leadership?

by Powernet - Sep 16, 2018

Remember when you were a kid and you sat on your parent’s lap and tried steering the car, usually in the driveway or car park? Maybe not, that could have just been my era. However, you get the picture, it was (relatively) safe because you were moving slowly.

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Powernet Receives Sophos Synchronised Security Platinum Partner Status!

by Powernet - Aug 15, 2018

As a technology partner to so many businesses in Australia, the team at Powernet has never been satisfied with simply resting on our laurels, so to speak. We're always looking for opportunities to do things better, in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, both in terms of how we run our business and the services that we can provide to companies like yours.

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Value-Based Recruitment at Powernet

by Powernet - Aug 14, 2018

Once you know your core values, you have a narrative accompanying them and perhaps, most importantly, you live by them within your organisation.  This is why recruiting based on value alignment is critical.

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Microsoft Inspire Conference 2018: The Best Highlights and Game-Changing Announcements

by Powernet - Aug 6, 2018

Microsoft’s Inspire Conference has long been seen as an opportunity to open new doors in terms of innovation, growth, and differentiation, and 2018 was certainly no exception. Around 16,000 partners from all over the world recently gathered for this year’s conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the team at Powernet were incredibly honoured to be among them.

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Powernet Ranks 5th Best MSP in Australia

by Powernet - Jul 19, 2018

At Powernet, we've always worked hard to become more than just another managed service provider. We understand how important IT truly is in the modern era, both in terms of your business and the value that it allows you to provide to your audience. That's why every decision we make ultimately begins with that which matters most in mind: our customers.

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How One Transport Business Successfully Drove Into the 21st Century By Way of the Cloud

by Powernet - Mar 21, 2018

Ventura Bus Lines found itself fighting many of the complications that come along with having a mature business status. If they were going to continue to grow at the rate at which they needed, they had to prioritise ways to improve efficiency in their own internal operations. IT was identified as a prime area for not only these efficiencies and optimisations but also in terms of cost savings. However, this was a challenge that they couldn't handle on their own. 

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Powernet Celebrates International Women’s Day

by Powernet - Mar 7, 2018

Powernet is a proud supporter of International Women’s Day. First celebrated globally in 1911 to press for gender parity, the day belongs to not just women, but everyone who cares about equal human rights regardless of gender.

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