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Risk Management in Nonprofit Organisations

by Powernet - Dec 16, 2019


The benefits of modern IT are commonly spruiked. Less often discussed. However, are the potential risks. As important as maintaining current infrastructure and adopting modern technology, identifying these risks and planning for a worst-case scenario is the key to risk management in nonprofit organisations.

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Things To Consider Before Changing Your Phone System

by Powernet - Nov 25, 2019

With the ISDN shut down already in full effect across Australia, businesses are ramping up their efforts to prepare for their own migrations when their number is called. Businesses have been told that once they are NBN-ready, they should have all systems in place and processes aligned to migrate. They will be given 90 days’ notice before their ISDN service is officially disconnected and their new service is connected.

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How Much Does It Cost To Move To VoIP?

by Powernet - Nov 11, 2019

With the ISDN shutdown in effect and Australian businesses now making the move to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), there is a lot of discussion around what it might cost to migrate.

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The Best Way To Prepare For The ISDN Shutdown

by Powernet - Nov 4, 2019

The ISDN shutdown is in effect across Australia. The best course of action to take in order to ensure you are fully prepared for the changeover is to give yourself as much time as possible to make the move.

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How Your Organisation Will Be Affected By The ISDN Shutdown

by Powernet - Oct 28, 2019

ISDN services, also known as Integrated Services Digital Network, have been the main form of telephonic communications services in Australia for many years.

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How will Cloud Security Change for SMBs in Future

by Powernet - Oct 14, 2019

Keeping your data safe and readily accessible is probably one of your main concerns as a small or medium-sized business owner.

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The Top 5 Security Issues SMBs are Facing With Cloud Computing

by Powernet - Oct 7, 2019

Cloud computing has evolved exponentially over the past decade and research indicates that by next year (2020) its global market will exceed US$241 billion – which is more than AU$356 billion. But as cloud computing opportunities have grown, so too have the security issues associated with it.

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How SMBs Can Reduce Spam And Phishing Emails

by Powernet - Sep 30, 2019

The word “spam” has the ring of something annoying, and it certainly is. Spam email and phishing has become a massive issue for SMBs, costing businesses thousands of dollars.

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Five Tips to Ensure Your Data Remains Secure, Relevant and Accessible

by Powernet - Jul 4, 2019

Adopting a secure and accessible data management solution can protect your business from data theft, misplaced documents and can save employees hours of labour as files are readily accessible.

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