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Why A Digital Workplace Is Worth The Investment

Before making a move to a Digital Workplace, you probably want to understand what a Digital Workplace is and what benefit will it have in my organisation.
There are a number of explanations available, and a quick Google search will bring up many descriptions. An easy and concise explanation is “The Digital Workplace is the collection of all of the digital tools provided by an organisation to allow its employees to do their jobs”. All of us are using some form of a digital tool whether we like it or not. It could be as simple as using a SmartPhone, sending an email or using a bank ATM to withdraw cash. We now live in a world where we want everything yesterday.


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We want to be able to quickly and easily access information that is relevant and up to date. Investing smartly in your Digital Workplace is a key to adding to the company's bottom line and driving productivity across employees.


What Are You Trying To Achieve?


A great approach is to create a visual strategy and map out a vision of what your Digital Workplace might look like. To invest in the Digital Workplace for your organisation you want to understand what you are trying to achieve and what tools will be effective in making a return on the investment. These tools must be fit for purpose and may range from your mobile devices (phones/laptops/tablets), SharePoint site, to your email and messaging, to your security and integrity of your information. By streamlining your tools of choice, it will be a huge advantage in making your Digital Workplace a successful and productive operation.


Is It Going To Be Cost-Effective?


A key component of any business is cost, being cost effective and saving on costs. By researching and investing in the right tools, it will allow staff to interact, collaborate and work as a team from anywhere in the world. This is important to help employees with morale, keep them engaged and drive productivity. This, in turn, will enable staff to service customers more efficiently and hopefully increase profits.


What Does Success Look Like?


Communication is one of the several keys for the Digital Workplace to thrive. Streamlining tools such as Video Conference, instant messaging, email and file sharing are essential to get right from the beginning. You want all staff to be able to participate and feel involved in meetings and group collaborations. With better staff engagement comes greater productivity. By using tools to allow employees to efficiently go about there day to day business with none to minimal interruption. The day of a 9-5 job in the office at a desk is finished. Employees are out on the road, working from home, working from the client's site, working from a café down the road. The office now needs to be a seamless interaction of different communication means. We want to be able to make sure that tools and software work from anywhere. If an issue arises, you want to be able to continue to work without having your employee twiddle their thumbs. There is nothing more frustrating than having all these digital communication tools and being unable to integrate with one another. You want your investment to be as seamless as possible.


Your Digital Workplace will be continually evolving and growing with the advancements in existing technologies and the introduction of new technologies. By investing in a Digital Workplace, you can have the confidence in your workforce to enjoy and embrace the change and enhancement that can be obtained from technology that brings the workplace closer together.


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